We view your choosing Everest Consultants as your investment adviser as a lifetime partnership. As part of this partnership, we provide our expertise in comprehensive wealth management, no matter what stage you are in of your life. Coming from a variety of backgrounds—entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, doctors, engineers, academics—and in different stages of life—from students, early career starters, young professionals, to retirees—we develop an investment strategy to meet your individual goals and objectives. Many of our clients are generational and familial groups. Using a family office model, we strive to meet the varying needs of all our clients.

Wealth Management Advisory Services

Careful evaluation of your financial needs is the basis of an investment strategy that is personalized to accomplish your financial goals. Your financial plan is customized to you. Products are recommended based on each individual’s plan and in consideration of their personal risk tolerances and realistic return expectations. Utilizing a broad spectrum of investments—traditional and alternative investments, fixed- and equity-indexed annuities, life and long-term care insurance—along with products that we offer through our health and group life insurance partnerships, our strategy is to create a diverse portfolio that is tailored to your plan.

Estate Planning and Business Succession Planning

Ensuring that assets are preserved and sustained according to your wishes—whether to benefit future generations or favored charitable organizations—may be important to you. We can guide you through the estate planning process. We will assist you as you work with appropriate legal and tax professionals to organize and develop an estate plan that effectively meets your estate planning goals.


Our professionals understand the importance of the fundamental advantages of using various types of trusts as part of an estate plan. We provide prudent investment management for assets dedicated to these types of entities to ensure compliance with the laws governing the use of these tools for probate, estate taxation, and long-term care planning purposes.

Business Transition Planning

Parallel to our understanding of estate planning, our team is equally adept with planning business transitions as both a function of one’s estate plan and the interested parties in the business. Developing an exit strategy for retirement, or even death, is paramount to ensuring that many are taken care of—your loved ones, employees, and clientele.


All of our investment advisers are independently licensed insurance agents in New York and Florida as well as other states based on our client reach. As independent agents, we are not limited to one company or one company’s products. We can obtain comparisons of insurance products from various companies and offer insurance coverage that is customized to your individual needs.

Evaluating the right policy for you not only includes what risk you are looking for the insurance coverage to protect, but also the amount of coverage you need, the type of policy best suited for the need and the amount of available resources you have to buy the protection or coverage. Because we are not driven by sales quotas, we are able to compare and contrast your options to find the best protection.

As part of our full-disclosure and transparency policy, revenues from insurance products that are recommended to you are commissions from the transactions and do not fall under the fee-based revenue that we collect for investment management. Insurance and annuities are governed by each state with separate licensing and continuing education requirements and not under the Investment Advisor’s Act of 1940.

ERISA Retirement Advisory Services

We offer 401(k) plan advisory services to plan sponsors and trustees in accordance with global fiduciary standards in plan administration and with transparency in fees and expenses.

We will work with plan sponsors through its custodial relationship with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. using its unbundled retirement plan platform or through referrer relationships with Paychex, Inc. or ADP Payroll Services.

Individualized Advisory Services

Anita Lombardi and Nate Gavitt are Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®) designees that manage retirement plans using a diligent process that includes objective investment research, on-going diligence, and monitoring of investments to adhere to these standards of excellence. This process—together with the development of a retirement plan suited to each particular client’s needs—is expertly delivered with ethical and prudent advice for all parties at every level of service—from the plan sponsor, to the trustee, to the participant.

The Fiduciary Alliance

As Accredited Investment Fiduciaries ®, Anita P. Lombardi and Nate Gavitt can act as a 3(21) or 3(38) plan fiduciary with the Plan Trustee.

We assist in developing an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that sets forth the parameters for plan investments, monitoring criteria, and objective steps for recommendation with the plan trustee.

Qualified, Efficient Service Providers

We only recommend service providers (Third Party Administrators/Record keepers [TPAs] and plan custodians) that:

  • Have AIF® training and designees on staff to ensure best practices using global fiduciary standards
  • Understand the complexities of rules and regulations governing ERISA plans and provide competent and proactive plan design and administration
  • Leverage technology with personable service to plan sponsors and participants
  • Have reasonable fee schedules that are coherent and transparent

Education and Consultation

It is our belief that providing education and consultation to employees and plan participants is crucial. Assisting individuals to save for their future and maintaining interest in continuing with their plan participation helps build company loyalty.

  • Everest provides employee enrollment education with group or individual assistance with online enrollment (if requested)
  • Our professionals conduct annual 401(k) plan review meeting with plan participants and newly eligible employees (at Employer’s option)
  • Everest is available to employees for individual assistance with their retirement plan options

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